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Advanced Experiments Bench: Impact of Jets

Advanced Experiments Bench: Impact of Jets

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Advanced Experiments Bench: Impact of Jets

Cussons 66P6233 Impact of Jets apparatus enables experiments to be carried out on the reaction of a jet of water on vanes of various forms. The apparatus is supported on a PVC base into which a vertical water supply pipe is fitted.


Surrounding the supply pipe is a transparent plastic shield fitted with a top PVC flanged cover assembly. The force of the jet is balanced by the addition of masses. Different vanes are provided. The reaction vane is held within the transparent shield approximately 20 mm above the vertical water supply pipe nozzle by a rod which passes through the top cover and supports a flat tray, onto which masses may be placed. In operation, water from the Hydraulics Bench is fed into the unit and a vertical jet is produced through the supply pipe and its interchangeable nozzle. The water from the jet is deflected by the reaction vane under test, and drains away through the large aperture in the base of the chamber. The force produced by the jet impinging on the target is transmitted by the rod, to the flat tray where weights are placed in order to balance this transmitted force. Three different types of reaction vane are supplied with the apparatus and the types are flat, hemispherical cup and 45 cone form. Each vane can be secured to the pivot arm by a set screw and when not in use is stored on pegs on the unit base plate. Two interchangeable nozzles for the supply pipe are supplied, one of 8 mm and one of 5 mm diameter.


  • Determination of the reaction of a jet striking a fixed flat vane, mounted normal to the jet direction, at different jet diameters and flow rates.
  • As above but for a cone shaped target equivalent to an angled target plate.
  • As above but for a hemispherical target.
  • Demonstration that the force exerted on the vane when struck by the jet, is proportional to the rate of change of momentum of the jet stream.


Nett:- 225 x 160 x 450 mm, 4.0 Kg. Gross:- 0.021m, 5.0 Kg.

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