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Health - Pregnancy and Childbirth

Health - Pregnancy and Childbirth Education

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9 Model Activity Sets of the Human Reproductive System
  Full-color models clarify the functions of male and female reproductive systems. This master set includes all nine Human Reproductive System Model Activity Sets. Each model activity set consists of a markable model of durable vinyl and an activity guide which includes background information, basic understandings, activities, a glossary, and a key to model structures. Also included are color transparencies and a black lin..
Childbirth Demonstration Pelvis
This childbirth model demonstrates the progress of the fetal head through the pelvis during birth. The childbirth demonstration pelvis simulator consists of a female pelvic skeleton with a movable symphysis, hip bone, sacrum, coccyx and 2 lumbar vertebrae articulated to accommodate passage of a fetal skull mounted on an omni positioning flexible gooseneck support. A realistic anatomical replica of the childbirth process. Childbirth pelvis deli..
Female Reproductive System Model Activity Set
Aids in discussions of women’s health issues and pregnancy. Detailed lateral section of the lower female torso shows partially sectioned organs and a magnified, cross-section of the ovum. The model illustrates the internal body structure and is useful as a graphic aid in discussion women’s health issues and pregnancy. Description in English. ..
Pregnancy Pelvis, 3 part
This anatomy model is a representation of a median section through the female pelvis during the 40th week of pregnancy with a removable fetus. Study the normal position of child before birth with this model plus the human reproductive and urinary systems. A uterus with embryo in 3rd month of pregnancy is mounted on base for added detail. The realistic and high quality female pelvis includes the female genital organs and other important anatomi..

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