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Chemistry - Experiments and Kits

Chemistry- Experiments and Kits

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Anatomy & Physiology : Nerves of steel
Great experiments for simulating the conduction of impulses along nerve fibres according to Prof. Dr. Matthias Ducci / Prof. Dr. Marco Oetken) Exciting experiments for interdisciplinary teaching of fifth and sixth form classes. A model system for simulating the conduction of impulses is now finally available! Many biology teachers have complained about the lack of suitable model systems for simulating the conduction of impulses along nerve fib..
Basic Laboratory Kits : Crystal PVC Hose 4mm 20 m
Tubing made of crystal clear PVC. Length 20 m. Internal diameter: 4 mm Wall thickness: 1 mm ..
Basic Laboratory Kits : Daniell Cell
Galvanic cell (Daniell cell) named after John Frederic Daniell for studying the properties of an electrochemical cell. The Daniell cell consists of a cylindrical zinc and copper electrode, a clay vessel and a battery glass. Filled with cell electrolyte the Daniell cell supplies a voltage of approx. 1.1 volts. The cell is delivered empty. Connections: 4 mm safety sockets Dimensions: approx. 105 mm x 65 mm dia. Suitable fi lling: Copper sulphate..
Basic Laboratory Kits : Mortar and Pestle
Made of laboratory porcelain, Mortar: rough, Ø 113 mm, 150 ml; Pestle: friction surface rough. 110 mm long ..
Basic Laboratory Kits : Volta's Pile on 3B Box
Similar to the one designed by Volta, it comprises alternate zinc and copper plates separated by a felt insulation. The latter absorb any electrolyte above (saline water or acid) and enable exchanges between the various layers; thus we can observe and measure an electric voltage between the plates at the ends. The two lower and upper electrodes are electrically connected to two 4 mm safety terminals placed in an insulating holder. Diameter of ..
Electrophoresis power supply - Excellent price-performance ratio
  You can use this stabilised power supply for both DNA and protein separation. It is highly effective and easy to operate. Of particular note are the adjustable output voltage and the timer with alarm function. The device has two outputs so that you can connect two electrophoresis chambers. Max. output voltage: 300 Volt (in 50 Volt stages) Max. output current: 400mA Max. power consumption: 60 Watt ..
  GASTEC – GAS DETECTOR for highly educational experiments in your biology and environmental studies classes Upgrade your science teaching with many basic easy-to-do experiments using the Gastec system. The concentrations of a variety of substances in the air can be measured with a gas detector pump and different gas detector tubes. The gas detector is easy to use - great for hands-on experience at secondary school l..

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