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Rotary Machines

Rotary Machines

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3-Phase transformers
  Insulated transformers which conform to standard NFEN61558, with protective cover.  Contact us regarding bare model ..
90W - 24V rotary machines
90W - 24V rotary machines & compatible items ..
90W-220V rotary machines & accessories
90W - 230V rotary machines & compatible items ..
AC/AC Variable frequency converters
  The variators for 1500W and 3000W machines are frequency converters (at constant V/f) for three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage induction motors. Converters are supplied ready-to-use for most applications. They include a built-in adjusting terminal (4-digit display, 7 segments, and 4 knobs) to customize your application by modifying the settings as required and extend the functions. A potentiometer on the front is used ..
AC/DC portable power supplies
  Adjustable from 0 to 230V in DC or AC, this power supply delivers a constant current of 3A. Protected by a thermal-magnetic circuit breaker, the safety of users is ensured by the separation of circuits. • Mains input Mains cable • On/Off General luminous switch • DC variable output 0-240 volts • AC variable output 0-230 volts • Variable voltage setting rotating knob onto the unit • Max current DC or AC 3A..
AC/DC power supply on wheels
  Supply of AC or DC current in 10A max.AC/DC selector switch on the front of the unit. Mains cable of 3 metres with plug • Mains supply 230V, single-phase • ON/OFF push button + LED lamp • Emergency stop with key • DC output 0-230V • AC output 0-230V • Adjustement by a rotary button on the top • Max output current 10A • Outputs display 1 voltmeter et 1 ammeter • Input protection by fuse • O..
Communicating circuit breaker/contactor
  CONTYS from mecatronics is a motor starter which combines mechanical, electrotechnical and electronic technologies. It is designed to be used for directly starting up motors of up to 3kW. This compact device combines power functions (disconnecting switch, commutation) and control functions (protection). Motor settings can be displayed and programmed via a numeric screen. FEATURES • protection against overload..
Compact industrial air extractor
  The AIR-S test bench is an industrial air extractor, which is commonly connected to a duct system and used for extracting air from buildings or blowing air into them. When used for educational purposes it is fitted with sensors, which are used for studying electrical quantities and the mechanisms involved. • COMMON FEATURES • 500mm-diameter axial fan, equipped with 10 blades. • Removable fan. • three-phas..
Compact resistive loads
  • Using the same switches and resistors as the other models, this load is intended for use on the laboratory bench. • The ultra fast switches and operating mode jump leads are found on the front panel. • DC and single-phase 240V mode/3-phase delta 240V/ 3-phase star 400V. ● (Exists also for voltages 127/220V in 4kW - upon request) • Dimensions: 500 x 220 x 400mm • Male earth socket in standard. Female earth s..
Complete kit: 1.5kW asynchronous motor
  The PACK-AC1 power unit kit (power unit + accessories) can be used for studying the short-circuited 220/400V 1500W, threephase, asynchronous induction motor with rotor in short-circuit. Several measurements can be taken and the motor load properties can be monitored on a PC. TUTORIALS DESCRIBED IN THE INSTRUCTIONS SUPPLIED WITH MOTOR PACK REF. PACK-AC1 ALSO AVAILABLE IN 300W. CONTACT US. D..
Complete kit: 1.5KW asynchronous motor & 3-phase alternator
  The PACK-AC2 power unit kit (power unit + accessories) can be used for studying a 1500W asynchronous motor. Charged by a 1500W three-phase alternator, the charge properties are plotted based on measurements taken by various analogue or digital devices. STUDY OF THE ASYNCHRONOUS INDUCTION MOTOR • Study of the star/delta coupling of the asynchronous motor. - Understanding and underta..
Complete kit: 1.5KW DC motor
  • Study of connection schematics with shunt excitation and separate excitation (independent). - Understanding and undertaking motor wiring depending on the selected excitation type. - Measurements and comparisons of the various consumed power, voltage and current values depending on the selected excitation type. • Calculation method used for determining the resistance value: - of the start-up rheostat - of th..
Covered single-phase induction coils
Covered single-phase induction coils (safety terminals) ..
Demo plug & play multimotors
  The dismantled motors are electric motors with open housing that can be mechanically and electrically configured for creating various electrical motors and generators, without the use of specific tools. The various functions can be obtained by simple coupling, perfectly explained in the instructions. Although powered by non-hazardous voltages (< 50VAC / < 100VDC), the powering up of these products is restricted to ..
Detachable safety transformer
Safety dismantled transformer ..
Dismantled motor
  MAS-DEM educational objective is theoretical research into, and discovery of, the three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage motor. Presented in a case containing the following items: • The motor carcass with stator wiring, fitted with a terminal block. • The squirrel-cage rotor. • The left and right flanges + fan. • Screws + screwdriver kit The 370W motor can be assembled and disassembled depending on needs...
Economical AC/AC frequency converters
  Variators for three-phase, squirrel-cage asynchronous machines with a power of 300 to 3000W. With their integrated control console, these variators are easy to use. Speed control by potentiometer Start/Stop button. From the control unit, the user can configure: • the motor's rated characteristics, such as rotation speed, current, voltage, and so on • the rotational direction • the acceleration ramp • the ..
Industrial fan models
  These fans, mounted on a wheeled chassis for easy movement, rotate around a horizontal axis so that the airflow can be pointed in any direction. These fans make up ideal three-phase loads for connection to a control requiring inductor currents to study ..
Isolated supply variable transformer
  • The case contains one insulation transformer and one variable autotransformer. • The primary is powered by the mains supply (230V) • The secondary can be connected by secure terminals of Ø4mm. • 2 powers available. • Dimensions : 210 x 245 x 350mm. ..
Kit for studying the 1.5kW DC motor
  STUDY OF THE CONTINUOUS MOTOR IN SEPARATED AND SHUNT EXCITATION • Preliminary study - Reading of the specifications plate, calculation of the torque & nominal efficiency - Calculation of the starting torque - Calculation method for determining the resistance value of the starting rheostat • Study of the motor’s operation when unloaded, when loaded & when overloaded - Theoretical reminders of the mathe..
Living area wiring kit
  Wiring kit for the main electrical equipment, type HOUSING in units, to complete an electrical installation similar to a 35m² apartment. Each module has 4mm dual chamber safety terminals for the various connections. The kit is supplied with the wiring and architectural diagrams as well as instructions for the various components. Your kit can be customised upon request. Please contact us. The kit comprises..
Mobile inductive loads
  • The inductor LH** can vary the power factor continuously from 0.9 to 0.1 in single-phase and 3-phase. PRINCIPLE • 3 moving laminated cores made from silicium sheets, are moved by a control wheel through 3 coils. • The reactive power varies from 0.1kVAR to the rated power. (ie 4kVAR for LH40) • It is possible to exceed the rated power during few minutes. CONNECTION • 4 (safety) jumps connect the coils to..
Mobile resistive load
  • The high quality of loads depends directly of the quality of switches used. All of our loads use ultra fast breaker switches, capable of breaking a DC current with an inductive load, for example the current generated by a 3kW dynamo. • The resistive elements consist of a wire coil wound onto a ceramic core and have a good life because they are coating against the oxydation. • The input terminals are double insu..
Multi-station variable power supplies
  This power supply, which is varied using an autotransformer, can be networked so that it can power other stations. The DC outputs are insulated from the mains, as stipulated in the standard, and monitored by a continuous insulation monitoring device for the safety of users. This monitoring allows the DC output to be networked. The transformer complies with the NFEN6158 norm. INTRODUCTION AND DESCRIPTION: • Sheet meta..

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