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Installation monitors

Installation monitors
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Differential monitor
  CONTROLDIF, which was designed to test in the domestic and business premises environment in accordance with standard NFC15-100, measures the trigger time and current at IΔn and 5IΔn, the contact voltage on the PE conductor, the earth loop resistance (without triggering), the shortcircuit resistances in phase-neutral, phase-phase and phase-conductor PE and the short circuit currents. Choice of test on the negative or the posi..
Earth monitor
  EARTH is a tester which can perform three types of earth measurements in accordance with standard NCF15-100. • 4-wires measurement (the most reliable because it avoids contact problems). • Selective measurement of an earth connection in parallel with others, using a clamp. • Selective measurement of an earth connection, without an auxiliary earth connection, using two clamps. • Measurement of ground resistanc..
Installation safety monitor
  The XE electrical installation tester brings together in a single piece of equipment the majority of the functions which are necessary for checking domestic and business premises in accordance with standard NFC15-100. In particular: current, voltage, earth measurement, earth continuity, trigger current and time of differentials, insulation resistance, calculation of short-circuit and fault currents, resistance of the mai..
Wire detector
  The wire detector is used for the locating of conductors and the following of their progress in partitions, ceilings, heating floor, … and every time a wire, a socket or a fuse is not directly visible. It allows also the search of short-circuit or cut of a conductor, and also the progress of pipes. The appliance is made up of one generator and one receptor. The generator creates a signal in the wire to test. This..

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