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Hand-held units & Mobile equipment

Hand-held units and Mobile equipment

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AquaProfiler M
Mobile acoustic flow meter for measurement of point velocities according to classical section-by-section method. With the modern software the runoff calculation will be done directly on-site. ..
AquaProfiler M-Pro
For mobile 2D discharge measurements, especially suitable for use under difficult hydraulic conditions. No more need for time-consuming point measurments! Record the entire V-profile in high reslution automatically with only one measurement per vertical. Measurement in up to 128 individual cells! ..
Counter type Z6
Robust electronic counter for current meters with possibility of velocity calculation by using the calibration formulas. ..
Electric contact meter type KLL
the robust instrument for accurate measurements of water level and total depth. Standard ranges: 15 - 500 m. ..
Electric contact meter type KLL-Q-2
This water quality dipper can be used in groundwater, lakes and reservoires down to 500 m depth. All standard quality parameters available.  Now new: with graduated round cable and additional optical sensors: Cyanobacteria, Rhodamine WT and O2. ..
Electric contact meter type KLL-T
High accurate instrument for water level and temperature measurement in groundwater. Fast reaction and excellent display. Ranges from 15 - 500 m with temperatures of  0-50°C / 75°C ..
Electromagnetic current meter type FlowSens
This small sensor has been designed for use in open channels where fouling by weed or sewage can be a problem. ..
Field terminal SEBA-HDA
This universal field notebook is used for data logger programming, recording of manual values and for recording and processing of discharge measurements. Barcode-scanner or GPS are available as options. ..
Fluid Flow Loggin Type KLL-Q-M1
for vertical measurement of flow velocity and water quality ..
Groundwater sampler type KLL-S
Portable product for exact water sampling from each desired depth. No mixed samples ! Available as  2? and 4? version with 0,5 and 1 l sampling volume. ..
Mini current meter type M1
The small current meter for discharge measurements for shallow waters in small rivers, channels and laboratories. ..
Mobile Bridge Jib for winch
For measurements from bridges with cable suspended F1 current meter equipment 5 to 50 kg.  Easy handling, quick mounting. Comfortable multi-place measurements. Special version for up to 100 kg available. ..
The strenght lies in mobile applications. The long durability of approx. 90 days at a measuring interval of 5 minutes and the small and robust housing make it the ideal tool for temporary measurements.  In addition to water level and flow velocity, the calculated discharge is saved in an internal data loggger.  ..
RiverRay ADCP
Modern and comfortable discharge measurements. For water depths from 0.6m - 40m and flow velocities up to max. 5m/s.  The combination of latest technology and easy handling will make your next measurement an innovative experience.   ..
Rugged Tablet-PC SEBA HDA-Pro
New robust tablet-PC - next generation of mobile PC performance. Equipped with SEBA Software-tools - ideal for operation and readout of data loggers, registration and evaluation of discharge measurements. GPS, Bluetooth and digital camera already integrated. ..
StreamPro ADCP
Easy and accurate discharge measurement with the moving-boat-method. For water depths from 20cm - 200cm (optionally up to 600cm) and velocities up to 5 m/s.    ..
Universal current meter type F1
The propellor type current meter for traditional discharge measurements. Made of stainless steel with very robust axle and ball bearings. ..
Water quality: Checker-2
The portable instrument for water quality measurement in rivers. For connection of multiparameter probes MPS-D3, MPS-D8 and MPS-K16 Parameters: °C, conductivity, salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+, turbidity, Chl a etc. ..
Workhorse Rio Grande ADCP
The big moving boat ADCP system. For water depths from 0.6m - 100m.  For use with trimaran boat or with fixing device for manned motor boats.   ..

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