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Transducers & Load Cells

Transducers and Load Cells

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Transducers & Load Cells: 2D Laser Sample Mounting Set & Displacement Sensor
Device to monitor the radial profile of the specimen whilst under test using highly accurate laser precision. The lasers are installed on to a modified conventional triaxial cell and monitor a 32mm length on the sample from a distance of 80 mm. The laser heads are integrated into GDSLAB software. The software allows the laser to measure a point measurement and also scan the sample profile, which may be used to give ..
Transducers & Load Cells: CO2 Gas Adsoption Cell
The GDS Gas Adsorption Cell (GDSGAC) is a twin cell based system used to compare the adsorption of a gas onto a chosen sample against a reference sample. One chamber will have a gas with a known volume and pressure. The second chamber will hold a sample with known volume under a vacuum. The gas is then introduced to the sample chamber and the process of adsorption begins. Features & Benefits Small and compact for use..
Transducers & Load Cells: Digital Displacement Transducers
Digital Indicator for use as accurate displacement transducers. Available for connection to either a Digital Indicator Multiplexer (DI Mux) which connects to the PC via USB, or by direct connection tothe PC by USB. Digital Indicators have the advantage that they have extremely good accuracy over large ranges.  The encoder technology creates an accuracy based on the accuracy of the encoder, not based on the full scale output ..
Transducers & Load Cells: External "S-Beam" Load Cells
The S-Beam load cells are designed for force measurement and weighing applications alike. Non-submersible, these load cells are used outside of the triaxial cell between the top of the triaxial cell and the reaction bar of the load frame. Technical Specification   Axial Force Accuracy <0.15% FSO Load Range (kN) 0.1kN to 1000kN (typical sizes 1kN, 2kN, 5kN, 10kN, 25kN, 50k..
Transducers & Load Cells: Force Actuator
The GDS Force Actuator (GDSFA) is a general purpose loading system with continuous displays of force, displacement and feedback control. Force is measured by a load cell which can either be fixed to the end of the thrust cylinder or which can be fixed to some other part of the apparatus under test. Technical Specification   Computer Interface IEEE-488 Standard, Talker/Listener or optional serial RS232 ..
Transducers & Load Cells: GDS Bender Element System
The GDS Bender Element System (GDSBES) enables measurement of the maximum shear modulus of a soil at small strains. The GDS system is unique in that it is a turn-key system that has been designed to make bender element testing reliable and easy to perform.  The GDSBES system can be added as an option to most GDS systems, as well as systems from other manufacturers. To date GDS have installed bender elements in triaxial, conso..
Transducers & Load Cells: GDS Hall Effect Local Strain Transducers
On Sample Hall Effect Transducers (HE) are very light and easy to handle, therefore can be mounted to the sample for small strain measurement with minimal disturbance to the sample. Small strain stiffness values are becoming more commonly required by consultants due to the parameters required for FE models.  It has been recognised for many years that small strain measurement is more representative to the operational strain, and t..
Transducers & Load Cells: GDS LVDT Local Strain Transducers
The GDS LVDT Local Strain Transducers provide on-sample small strain measurements of axial and radial strain. Accurate determination of soil stiffness is difficult to achieve in routine laboratory testing. Conventionally, stiffness of a triaxial test specimen is based on external measurements of displacement which include a number of extraneous movements. True soil strains can be masked by deflections which originate in the compliances..
Transducers & Load Cells: Internal Submersible Load Cells
The STALC 9 submersible load cell has been designed for measuring compressive loads from 0-1kN to 0-100kN and can be fitted into new or existing triaxial chambers. It has a unique feature in that pressure does not effect the load reading therefore corrections for ram upthrust and friction of the ram do not need to be made. An essential addition to any triaxial cell for those customers striving to achieve greater accuracy of measurement. ..
Transducers & Load Cells: Linear Potentiometer Displacement Transducers
The linear potentiometers provides the facility for single or dual electrical output with a body diameter of only 19mm. This transducer is available in 25 and 50mm ranges, supplied with a spring loaded shaft biased to the fully extended position. Suited to a wide range of industrial applications for medium stroke length requirements especially structural monitoring data acquisition. Being a potentiometric device with coated windings, these dev..
Transducers & Load Cells: Pore Pressure Transducers
GDS have a large range of transducers for measuring the pore water pressure during a test. Contact us direct for more information   ..
Transducers & Load Cells: Ultra Low Range Wet Wet Pressure Transducer
he wet wet differential pressure transducer is predominantly used in Method B, of the GDS UNSAT testing process. The transducer measures the change in head of water in an inner cell around the sample compared to a reference tube using this low range, high accuracy differential pressure transducer. Transducer full range is +/-2 kPa.   Features & Benefits Tiny transducer range of +/-1 ..

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