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Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

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Gas Turbine and Air Compressor Equipment: Energy Balance Apparatus
Metal frame bench mounted single stage compressor set consists of a rotary vane type air compressor coupled to a trunnion mounted electric motor and attached to a spring balance EXPERIMENTAL OBJECTIVES Energy balance and the first law of thermodynamics Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics Compressed volumetric efficiency SERVICES Electric supply: - 230/240 volt, single phase, 50 Hz TENDER SPECIFICA..
Gas Turbine and Air Compressor Equipment: PV Indicating System Including PC
Cussons 66P9053 Computer interface for use with a 66P9050 Two Stage Air Compressor Set. INTRODUCTION The system comprises of a half length expansion board which plugs into an expansion slot in the PC, a termination box, 3 pressure transducers (one for each cylinder) 2 rotary encoders (one for each compressor) and the relevant software. The software allows the pressure and cylinder position data to be acquired and stored onto disk..
Gas Turbine and Air Compressor Equipment: Two Shaft Gas Turbine
Cussons 66P9005 Gas Turbine Unit is now offered as a full two shaft machine with built in starting equipment, power absorption system and data logging option (66P9008). FEATURES Self-contained complete teaching facility Designed for safe easy operation with low noise levels Data logging option available for all measured variables Comprehensive controls and instrumentation displayed in multi-colour flow diagram ..
Gas Turbine and Air Compressor Equipment: Two Stage Air Compressor Set
Cussons 66P9050 Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor Test Set has been designed as a high quality educational test facility on which a wide range of controlled experiments can be undertaken. INTRODUCTION These experiments include the performance of reciprocating air compressors and compressed air plants. The test set is a self contained unit comprising two main assemblies; an instrument and control console and a welded steel base fr..
Heat Transfer Equipment: Boiling Heat Transfer Apparatus
The apparatus has been developed to permit experiments on heat transfer from the solid to the liquid state under conditions of convection and nucleate boiling to be carried out and to demonstrate the effect of film boiling. INTRODUCTION The conversion of liquids to vapour is probably one of the most common processes in industry today and although equipment to perform the process has been designed and used for many years it is only com..
Heat Transfer Equipment: Heat Transfer Bench with cross Flow Heat Exchanger
A range of experiments in the field of Heat Transfer has been developed for the basic Air Flow Bench to meet the needs of this growing area of study. FEATURES  Large range of add-on experiments in heat transfer, air flow and aerodynamics. Well instrumented including dual sloping manometer, barometer and pitot static tube. Additional equipment easily and quickly fitted. Enables a series of forced convection he..
Heat Transfer Equipment: Mixed Flow Heat Exchanger
Cussons 66P3213 Mixed Flow Heat Exchanger is provided as an additional experiment for use with 66P3210 Heat Transfer Bench. FEATURES Bulk air temperature remains substantially constant Easily interchanged for other experiments PRINCIPLE EXPERIMENTS To determine the heat transfer coefficient from tube wall to shell side within a tube bundle To determine the relationship between Nusselt's and Reynold's numbe..
Heat Transfer Equipment: Parallel Flow Heat Exchanger
Cussons 66P3212 Parallel Flow Heat Exchanger is provided as an additional experiment for use with 66P3210 Heat Transfer Bench, interchangeable with 66P3219 Cross Flow Exchanger and utilising a common power supply and temperature read-out facility. FEATURES Clear acrylic unit affording a visual appreciation of the experiment Sized to minimise temperature rise of air flowing in the tube PRINCIPLE EXPERIMENTS Determine t..
Heat Transfer Equipment: Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
Cussons 66P5687 Thermal Conductivity Apparatus is one of a series of Heat Transfer experiments designed for bench top use. INTRODUCTION The apparatus allows students to calculate heat flows and temperature gradients along various cylindrical specimens of relatively high conductivity, such as metals, and across thin sections of insulating material that may be attached to one end of a metal specimen. PRINCIPLE EXPERIMENTS ..
Solar Energy Equipment: Photovoltaic Solar Power Unit
This unit provides students with the means of collecting and storing solar power, measuring the energy thereby made available and investigating the performance of the Photovoltaic unit. FEATURES Collects and stores solar power Highly efficient energy conversion - 100 watts/metre2 Does not require complicated reflecting systems  Stored energy can be converted for use by electric motor INTRODUCTION U..
Solar Energy Equipment: Solar Energy Demonstrator
The solar energy demonstration unit allows students to gain an appreciation of the total heat capture of a solar energy unit and an indication of their relative efficiency. APPLICATIONS Measures output and efficiency against solar energy input Effect of different absorbent surfaces Effect of ambient temperature, wind velocity and the effect of cooling the glass cover Effect of insulation thickness Investiga..
Work Transfer Experiments: Marcet Boiler
Cussons 66P5700 Marcet Boiler has been developed for investigating the relationship between the pressure and temperature of saturated steam, in equilibrium with water, at all pressures between atmospheric and 17 bar (250 lb/in). FEATURES Electrically heated boiler fabricated from heavy duty steel section. Supplied complete with safety valve, pressure gauge and water cock. Boiler lagged to permit rapid heating and arrang..
Work Transfer Experiments: Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Apparatus
This equipment is a modem version of the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat apparatus derived from the original design by Callendar which aptly demonstrated the relationship between mechanical energy and heat energy. INTRODUCTION Though extremely simple in design, the apparatus will yield results with an accuracy of 0.5%. DESCRIPTION The apparatus incorporates a universal electric motor with vari­able speed control for driving a br..
Work Transfer Experiments: Sterling Cycle Hot Air Engine
Cussons 66P5691 Stirling Cycle Hot Air Engine is a modern example of one of the oldest forms of prime mover first described in a patent by Robert Stirling in 1816 and designed to show the direct conversion of heat energy into work. DESCRIPTION The cycle on which the engine is based consists of two isothermal processes and two constant volume processes (the latter being performed with the aid of a regenerator). The source of heat is pr..
Work Transfer Experiments: Thermo Electric Engine
The Cussons 66P5689 Thermo Electric Engine has been developed to demonstrate the conversion of heat into electricity and hence into useful work. DESCRIPTION The apparatus comprises a multiple cell Thermo-Electric generator sandwiched between a hot source and a cold sink where the hot source is a conventional laboratory spirit burner and the cold sink is cold air cooled by convection assisted by the action of the propellor. The cu..

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