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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning Systems: Air Conditioning Trainers & Simulators
Air conditioning has become an essential of life for an increasing proportion of the population. Cussons offer a range of training and experimental air conditioning units. These units can aid in studies of a wider course in thermodynamics, as well as refigeration and air conditioning. They can also aid in career preparation for engineers for whom an education in these systems is beneficial.   66P5801 Split System Domestic A/C ..
Air Conditioning Systems: Air to Water Heat Pump
Cussons 66P5670 Air to Water Heat Pump demonstrates how conventional refrigeration equipment may be used in the form of a heat pump. This heat pump can be used to convert low grade heat, in a stream of ducted air, to higher grade heat for increasing the temperature of a water flow stream utilizing a vapour compression cycle. The instrumentation allows accurate setting of the operating parameters and provides the student with necessary info..
Experimental Benches: Cussons Experimental Benches Range
Cussons Experimental Benches are designed for engineers, for whom an analytical understanding of refrigeration circuits forms a part of their thermodynamics cirriculum, or as a part of career preparation in refrigeration or air conditioning. 66P5750 Vapour Compression Refrigerator Unit FEATURES Rapid stabilisation allowing the effect of operating changes to be demonstrated directly Compact, self-contained and movable ..
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Sectioned Equipment: Refrigeration Sectioned Equipment
Cussons Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sectioned Equipment Range comprises assemblies and components from refrigeration and air conditioning plant, pumps and valves. Refrigeration & Air Conditoning 66P2255 Sectioned Refrigeration Compressor 66P2256 Board of Sectioned Refrigeration Components 66P2257 Sectioned Hermetic Refrigeration Unit 66P2258 Sectioned Air Conditioning Unit Pumps 66P2265 Sectioned Centrifugal ..
Refrigeration Assembly Range: Basic Refrigeration Build Bench
The Cussons 66P5731 Basic Refrigeration Build Bench is available to provide practical experience for students in building up, charging and operating their own refrigeration benches. INTRODUCTION The key skills that can be gained from this bench are in pipe techniques, joint making, wiring and refrigerant filling processes. The P5731 basic refrigeration build bench provides a very simple circuit that would be expected to take a student ..
Refrigeration Assembly Range: Beverage Cooler Build Bench & P5735 Refrigeration Wiring Skills Bench
These two assembly systems provide practical skills in two commercial areas of refrigeration work. Each provides realistic training in the assembly and operation and fault finding of their respective refrigeration systems. INTRODUCTION The 66P5734 Beverage Cooler Build Bench provides a simple real life refrigeration application that can be assembled by the student to make a working beverage cooling chamber. Fault initiation switches ar..
Refrigeration Assembly Range: Commercial Refrigeration Build Bench
Cussons 66P5732 Commercial Refrigeration Build Bench has been specifically designed for the training of Refrigeration Students in the construction of a complete working refrigeration circuit. INTRODUCTION This unit uses a simple vapour compression cycle with R404a as the Refrigerant and is completely self-contained on a two tier wheeled stand 1.58m long x 0.75m wide x 1.83m high which can be moved easily through any normal doorway..
Vocational and Fault Finding: Compressor & Refrigeration Control Simulators
The two Simulators (66P5724 and 66P5725) are available to provide realistic training in setting up, operating and fault finding in the control of refrigeration Systems. 66P5724 - Refrigerator Compressor Fault Simulator INTRODUCTION Whilst the simulator seems slightly remote to the physical reality of large scale refrigeration systems it should be remembered that in the field the components of a refrigeration system will be physical..
Vocational and Fault Finding: Trainers
These four training systems provide functioning refrigeration circuits utilising commercial controls and components. 66P5720 and 66P5721 provide realistic training in setting up, operating and fault finding in refrigeration Systems. Whilst 66P5722 and 66P5723 provide  advanced training in different aspects of functioning refrigeration circuits. 66P5720 & 66P5721 Domestic and Commercial Refrigeration Trainers These two trai..

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