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Properties of Fuels & Lubricants

Properties of Fuels and Lubricants

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Properties of Fuels & Lubricants: Boys Gas Calorimeter Set
The 66P5615 Boys Gas Calorimeter Set supplied by Cussons has been developed, from apparatus designed by the late Sir Charles Boys F.R.S., to provide a simple but accurate method of ascertaining the calorific values of a wide range of gaseous fuels. It is a necessary item of equipment in any thermodynamics laboratory and is applicable to craft and vocational courses in gas engineering and technology. Gases used are those that are currently ..
Properties of Fuels & Lubricants: Calorimeter Set for Calorific Values of Fuels
Cussons 66P6310 Calorimeter set for Calorific value of fuels has been developed over many years. INTRODUCTION The classic nature of the units design has been accepted, and is widely used in teaching establishments, for the accurate determination of the calorific value of liquid and solid hydrocarbons DESCRIPTION The equipment is self-contained with the control unit housed in an instrument case that forms the base. It ..
Properties of Fuels & Lubricants: Combustion and Fuel Gas Emissions
The Cussons 66P8385 Combustion and Fuel Gas Emissions unit can be utilised for measuremnets of various fuel types, temperatures, efficiency and excess air to assess heat loss. APPLICATIONS  Measurement of gas temperature at inlet and in stack for improved accuracy and calculation of nett temperature Measurement of over 70 pre-programmed fuel types Measurement of excess air to assess heat loss Measurement of O..
Properties of Fuels & Lubricants: Electric Pensky Marten Flash Point
Cussons 66P5656 electrically heated flash point apparatus is designed to determine the flash point of petroleum products with flash points above 49C (120F) INTRODUCTION In doing so doing, the unit conforms to the following standards : ASTM D93-IP34 ASTM E134  BS 2839 ISO 2719 DIN 51758 DESCRIPTION The apparatus consists essentially of a cast-iron stove with test cup, lid and shutter assemb..
Properties of Fuels & Lubricants: Journal Friction Apparatus
Cussons Hydrodynamic Lubrication Unit has been developed to provide a wide range of laboratory experiments on journal bearings from a self-contained piece of apparatus. FEATURES Horizontal 50 mm shaft and journal bearing Three alternative shaft sleeves provide variable bearing clearance Uses automotive thin wall main bearing shells of various widths Variable speeds up to 1000 rev/min Radial loading of the b..

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