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Electrical accessories

Electrical accessories

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Cutting tools: All purpose scissor
All purpose scissor With xylan-coated fine cut blades, safety lock and plastic handles. Total length 215 mm, weight 250 g.   Article Pack Qty.    1259.1 1     ..
Cutting tools: All-purpose sharpener
All-purpose sharpener Electric. Ideal for smooth blades, wave cut blades and scissors. Also for screwdrivers and drills. After taking off front cap free rotating disc can be used for all type of grindings. 1 m cable can be retracted into housing. Dimensions: W 55 x H 82 x L 150 mm. Weight app. 460 g.  Power supply: 220 V/50 Hz/20 W. ..
Cutting tools: Capillary tubing cutter
Capillary tubing cutter For Ø up to 1/16″ (1.59 mm) outside and 0.1 mm inside. Prevents sharp or warped edges when cutting. The depth of cut can be adjusted. Also suitable for clean cuts on PTFE tubes or electric wires. Can be used approx. 2000 times.   Article Pack Qty.    ..
Cutting tools: Combinations scissors
Combinations scissors Made of stainless steel. Cut wire, tin, cardboard, textile, leather, rubber and plastic. Can be locked. Total length 190 mm, blade length 40 mm, weight 110 g.   Article Pack Qty.    1901.1 1     ..
Cutting tools: Cutting boards
Cutting boards Made of PE. Non-toxic. Temperature stable up to +90 °C.   Article Dimensions: L x W x H (mm)  Type  Pack Qty.    N115.1 300 x 200 x 10   with recessed grip, without rubber feet   ..
Cutting tools: Cutting mats
Cutting mats Made of PVC, in 3 layers with special interior core. With grid imprint and self-closing surface. Colour: green, with white grid pattern. Thickness 3 mm.   Article Dimensions L x W (mm)  Pack Qty.    KN07.1 450 x 300 &nbs..
Cutting tools: Diamond steel saw
Diamond steel saw With tungsten-carbide blade. Ideal for cutting wood, plastic, rubber, ceramics, soft metal, clay and glass tubes, etc. without knife jamming. Blade length 210 mm. Total length 400 mm (255 mm when clasped). Weight 150 g.   Article Pack Qty.    18..
Cutting tools: Hole punching pliers
Hole punching pliers With 6 hole punchers from Ø 2 to 5 mm. Ideal for cardboard, plastic foil, leather. Can be locked. L 220 mm, weight 250 g.   Article Pack Qty.    0837.1       ..
Cutting tools: Safety cutter
Safety cutter, small model With bevelled, rotating round knife, self- sharpening, in closed plastic top. Automatic pressing on of the cutting material at the cutting point.  With transparent press- down ruler. Also features two angle layouts with cm and inch scales, degree graduation and format marking.  Cutting height max. 1 mm. ..
Cutting tools: Scissors
Scissors, for papers, textiles, foils and more Made of stainless high- grade steel, rated 56 on the Rockwell hardness scale and shock- resistant plastic. Can be readjusted and sharpened. TÜV- tested. Comes in plastic case.   For papers, textiles, foils and more   ..
Glass cutters: Diamond grinding pen
Diamond grinding pen With wooden handle. For engraving glass.   Article Pack Qty.    1530.1 1     ..
Glass cutters: Engraving set, complete
Engraving set, complete Ideal for engraving, frosting, signing glass, ceramics, acrylic or metal. Dimensions approx. L 300 x W 200 x H 60 mm. Comes in plastic case. 1 engraver 12-18 volt, 20.000 Umin-1, with mounted ball bearing 1 TÜV-tested power pack (220-240/12 volt, 0.5 A) 1 piece of test glass 1 sample a..
Glass cutters: Glass cutter
Glass cutter With replaceable blade made. Length 190 mm.   Article Type  Pack Qty.    8209.1 Glass cutter   1     8210.1 Spare blade   1   ..
Glass cutters: Rotilabo® glass tube cutter
Rotilabo® glass tube cutter Made of die cast zinc, nickel plated. Carbide cutter wheel. Suitable for tube Ø from 3 to 30 mm.   Article Type  Weight (g)  Pack Qty.    YT66.1 Glass tube cutter   68   ..
Glass cutters: Rotilabo®-glass cutter
Rotilabo®-glass cutter With plastic handle. Standard format with Toplife cutting roller. Extremely light cover strip made of special metal alloy. Cuts very finely and smoothly. Universal glass cutter for glass thickness 2 to 12 mm. Cutting angle 135°. 2.5 mm from ruler. Cutter roller not interchangeable.   Article ..
Glass cutters: Signograph
Signograph Engraver, for marking or decorating metal, stone, plastic, glass, porcelain. Works acc. to the vibration principle, using AC frequency. Intensity can be infinitely adjusted. Delivery incl. adapter and steel tip. 1.75 m extension cord. Power supply 220 V/50 Hz/25 W. Weight incl. cable 320 g.   Artic..
Glass cutters: Spare pens
Spare pens     Article Type  Pack Qty.   N976.1 Diamond grinding pen, spherical Ø 1.0 mm   2     N977.1 Diamond grinding pen, spherical Ø 1.8 mm   2   ..
Knives: 1 Swiss pocket knife
1 Swiss pocket knife 10 parts. With lockable 65 mm-blade, scissor, saw, crosstip screwdriver, screwdriver with bottle opener, tin opener, corkscrew, forceps, nail file, awl, tooth pick and key ring. Handle length 85 mm. Weight 88 g. 5 years warranty.   Article Pack Qty.    ..
Knives: 2 Swiss mini pocket knife
2 Swiss mini pocket knife 5 piece. Lightweight and easy to use. With a 45 mm blade, scissors, nail file, tweezers, toothpick and key ring. Length 65 mm. Weight 21 g.   Article Pack Qty.    PY14.1 1       ..
Knives: Ceramic knives
Ceramic knives With extremely hard, stainless and anti-magnetic blade. Very light. Ergonomically designed handle. No resharpening.   Article Blade length (mm)  Pack Qty.    T752.1 90   1     ..
Knives: Cutter
Cutter With button to push blade forward. Length 150 mm. Weight 90 g. With 5 blades.   Article Type  Pack Qty.    0507.1 Cutter   1     A856.1 Spare blades   ..
Knives: Cutter 2-in-1
Cutter 2-in-1 With automatic blade retractor and auto-lock feature. Metal handle with rubberised grip zone and integrated break-off device. Usable as a standard cutter or safety knife. Spring-loaded blade retracts automatically when the blade slips off the cutting object. The standard break-off blade can, however, also be pushed forwards in the conventional fashion using the aut..
Knives: Knives
Knives For cutting foils, tubing, insulation, mats, etc. Blade is made of ice-hardened and hand-sharpened stainless steel. Knives are dishwasher proof.   Article Blade length (mm)  Overall length (mm)  Pack Qty.    A572.1 7..
Knives: Lab clasp knife
Lab clasp knife Special knife with lockable, stainless blade and rubber-like textured handle for secure grip. Dimensions: length blade ca. 70 mm, knife unfolded 175 mm, folded ca. 105 mm. Weight 78 g.   Article Pack Qty.    1036.1 1   ..

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