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Simulators - ALS Baby Manikins

Simulators -ALS Baby Manikins

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Infant Venous Access Simulator
Now 100% Latex-Free with redesigned umbilicus and umbilical valve. A unique, anatomically correct representation of a 1,8 kg and 40,6 cm female baby developed to teach and practice the vascular accessing of newborns and infants. There are barely discernable blue veins under the replaceable translucent “skins” on the head, right and left arms and the right leg. Veins are now made with latex-free Dermalike™ - with 50% less needle drag when acces..
Intubation Head
This model is especially designed to instruct and practice endotracheal intubation. The accurately modelled life-size head allows the correct depth, angle, and pressure of insertion of a laryngoscope to be taught. Mounted on base. Delivered without laryngoscope. ..
Paediatric Head
An invaluable tool for demonstrating and practicing infusions and injections in the temporal and jugular veins of a newborn to a twelve-month-old infant. The neck is made of soft, flexible foam to provide a realistic feel of palpation and puncture. The paediatric head includes the following: • Head (to represent a six-month-old infant) with skin and veins • Fluid supply bag • 2 different gauge winged infusion needles • Artifici..
PALS Baby with ECG-Simulator
Simulates a 3 month old infant and allows realistic training of skills required for ACLS of infants including: • CPR (Ventilation via bag-valve-mask) • Endotracheal and nasotracheal intubation • Practice of Sellick maneuver • Auscultation of breath sounds • Bilateral chest movement and stomach distension • Oral/Nasal Airways • Oral/Nasal Gastric Tube Insertion • Intravenous access via scalp vein •Simulated pulse Fe..
PALS Manikin
This full body manikin is a complete resuscitation system of an infant and allows a wide range of PALS training possibilities. Features include: CPR • Palpable and visual landmarks • Fully articulated head, neck and jaw Airway Management: • Realistic anatomy of the mouth, tongue, oral pharynx, larynx, epiglottis, vocal cords, trachea and oesophagus • Oral and digital intubation • Suctioning capabilities Umbilica..
PALS Manikin with ECG-Simulator
This simulator model of a female infant allows the practicing of a wide range of pediatric ALS techniques. Features of the PALS Manikin include: • Bag valve mask ventilation • Oral and nasal intubation including Sellick’s manoeuver • Placing of NG tube • Three lead ECG monitoring (16 different arrhythmias with adjustable heart rate) • Palpation of brachial pulse • External chest compressions • Movable jaw • I.V sites in..

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