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Acquisition & Monitoring

Acquisition and Monitoring

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Acquisition software
  This software is supplied with VISIREAL (acquisition system which works using a measuring unit) and LOGYCAP (completely stand-alone acquisition system). Fully adjustable for compatibility with the machines you want to study, this software can also convert the data that it acquires into a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel ®). (®Excel is a trademark of Microsoft corp.) FEATURES OF LOGIREAL SOFTWARE DEMO..
Autonomous real time & monitoring system
  The LOGYCAP system allows the user to save and display on a computer screen the mechanical and electrical magnitudes of machine installations (asynchronous motors, synchronous machines, single phase motors, DC machines). LOGYCAP is composed of an interface connecting the motor test bench to a PC, and a program which displays these magnitudes in real time. During acquisition, the values recorded for voltage, curre..
Measurement of mechanical quantities
  GENERAL FEATURES GRANMECA is a display unit for showing 3 mechanical values of torque, speed, and power, with measurements taken on rotating machines using a torque sensor and a tachogenerator. It also includes: ● a manually adjustable energising source for a powder brake ● analog copies of output of the three mechanical values. Supply : 230V 50Hz,  30VA. Dimensions : 375 x 80 x 275 mm -  5.8kg...
Mechanical torque simulator
  MECASIM is a current generator designed to drive a powder brake control circuit, for the purpose of generating different types of brake torque. Motors used in industrial environments must resist various types of counter-torque: • constant torque (e.g. a motor connected to lifting equipment) • torque proportional to speed (e.g. feed screw) • torque proportional to speed squared (e.g. liquid mixing systems) • t..
Real time &monitoring system
  VISIREAL lets you record and display on a screen mechanical and electrical quantities from the rotating machines (asynchronous motors, synchronous machines, single-phase motors and DC machines). VISIREAL is an interface that connects the motor test bench to a PC via a measuring bay composed of at least GRANMECA and DIGIWATT (see all the arrangements possible on the next page). The LOGIREAL software delivered with VISIREA..
TRMS Digital wattmeter
  DIGIWATT is a digital multimeter with floating inputs simultaneously displaying the 3 electric values: voltage, current and power. DIGIWATT measures the TRMS effective values of the U I W measurements, possibly with direct component superimposed.  The wide bandwidth of the apparatus allows measurements to be made from DC to 70kHz  or on chopped signals (frequency converters, industrial choppers, rectifi..

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